Memorial Garden Underway

My aunt, Diane, passed away last year.  Diane was my dad’s favorite sibling, mother of five, grandmother of three.  She had been sick for a while, but it was still sad as she was only 52.  Three years prior, her daughter, Sydney, passed away after a violent car accident at the tender age of 21.  On the same day, my great aunt, Ethel, passed away of old lady naturally causes.  My dad’s side of the family has had one person die every year, for the past seven years.  

In the spring, my mom is planning a memorial garden to be constructed in our front yard and possibly the backyard as well.  

My parents, because of these individuals departing this world and my dad working so hard and me finally out of school, have come into some money.  They, well, more my mom, are hoping to plant a whole bunch pretty, deer resistant plants with a water feature.

The water feature should not be too elaborate because their land is only seven acres, but something still nice and honoring our dearly departed relatives, who always love Texas nature and wildlife.  

We’re picturing this being almost like a zone garden that has something along the lines of a pergola with vines weaving through it.  

The only thing we are really torn about is whether to place this memorial garden in the front yard or in the backyard.  

If it were in the backyard, we could have it near the pool, along with a sense of privacy.

However, if it were in the front yard, our neighbors would be able to see it from the road, and it would be the first thing we, and our guests, see when they pull into the driveway.  

We are not that imaginative of a family.  So, we will need a designer to come out to our house, help us assess what would go best where, draw up some design plans and go from there.  

We discuss money later.  There is not much of a price to help heal my dad’s hurt heart.  He spends time outside doing yard work, which is really just his excuse for being able to smoke, which we don’t let him do in the house with his stupid cancer sticks.  But, we do believe that this memorial garden will give him something pretty to look at and therefore a sense of inner peace because happiness comes from within.  

Also, we’re picturing a few hammocks for people to sleep in, during the summer months, in addition to pretentious looking garden gnomes.  I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of garden gnomes, if they are like the modern day scarecrow to scare away birds, but they sure are awesome, except for when you stub your toes on one while you’re walking up to get the morning paper or walking into the house, late at night, after work.  

Lastly, maybe the water feature could have a fish, salmon, or duck pond attached with a little troll looking bridge. Upon much consideration, we decided there was no one we’d trust more than these Chicago Landscapers to carry out this task.

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